Cruise Control

TuneBoy Cruise Control (Only for supported models)

The TuneBoy Cruise Control adds extra program code to the ECU to provide electronic cruise control to your motorbike. This works just like the cruise control in a modern car; it will hold speed over varying terrain and disengage if the brakes are applied or the clutch pulled in.

The cruise control itself is very easy:
1.    Flash the TuneBoy map into ECU;
2.    Start the bike, and then hold the Start button down for 3 seconds. The bike will then “blip” the throttle giving you an audible indicator that the cruise is active;
3.    When you get to desired speed on your bike you simply hold start button down again to set the cruise speed. If you touch the brakes or clutch the cruise will turn off.

The nudge buttons are not required to use the cruise control – they are an optional extra.

The cruise control still allows you to change gear if you have a quick-shifter. Normal gear changes with the clutch will disengage the cruise control but a shift with the quick-shifter will change gear without effecting the cruise control. How awesome is that!!

We offer the cruise control for the following models-

Panigale  V-Twin(899, 959, 1199 and 1299 models.)
Diavel (All models except the new X-Diavel)
Multistrada 1200* (2010 to 2014 models with the Mitsubishi ECU)
*N.B. We do not support the Bosch ECU on the variable cam timing motor (DVT models)

R6 (2006 to 2015)
R1 (2009 to 2015)
V-Max (2009 to 2015)
MT09/FZ09 (All models)