Triumph models with the Keihin ECU

  • Daytona 675 (2006 to 2012 model year)
  • Rocket III (All models)
  • Thunderbird 1600 and 1700
  • Speed Triple 1050 (Up to 2012)
  • Street Triple 675 (Up to 2012)
  • Speedmaster (Up to 2012)
  • Bonneville (Up to 2012)
  • Daytona 600 and 650
  • Thruxton (Up to 2012)
  • Scrambler (Up to 2012)







    Live mapping

    The live mapping allows fuel and ignition changes to be made while the motor is running, this speeds up the tuning process and makes it much easier to find the best air fuel mix and ignition advance.
    The live tuning is done with the TuneBoyTrim program, once you have tuned the motorcycle you save the trim file then reflash the ECU using the new trim file.
    If you also have the Innovate LC-1 or LC-2 wide band O2 controller you can connect this to the O2 sensor plug or directly to the WB-01 WiFi box.
    With the wide band O2 controller the TuneBoyTrim program can automate most of the tuning process, this reduces the time required to tune the motorcycle, in most cases the entire tune process will take less than 1 hour


    Map Switching

    The TuneBoy map files allow you to load up to three different trim maps when you reflash the ECU. This allows you to load a power trim map and a fuel economy trim map at the same time or maps for different fuel types.
    Switching between the TuneBoy trim files is done by turning the ignition on and pulling the clutch five times in quick succession. The selected trim map is indicated on the rev counter, the rev counter will go up and down once for map one, twice for map two and three times for map three.
    Once you have selected the desired trim map you can start the motor. The map selected will continue to be used until you select a different one, even if you turn the motorcycle off and on.

    Map Editing

    The TuneEdit program allows you to adjust fuel, ignition and other tables for the Triumph map files.
    Maps that you can adjust are the fuel tables, Ignition tables,A/F target tables, Idle tables etc. You can also adjust the rev limit, correct the speedo and you can change other settings like thermo fan settings and some of the TuneBoy specific features.
    The following screen shot shows the TuneEdit program with a Daytona 675 map file open.

    The fuel and ignition maps can be viewed as text as shown in the screen shot above or they can be viewed in a graphical view
    The screen shot below shows the fuel map in the graphical view.


    Starter kits

    • Tune Kit: Triumph  TuneEdit USB Kit

      Part Number:  USBKITTR
      Description:  This kit provides the user with a blue USB cable for reflashing and tuning. With this you can create your own custom map to suit most bike set-ups. This kit comes with the blue OBDII USB cable to connect the Motorcycle to the PC and the software required to do live tuning of the Triumph models with the Keihin ECU.

    • Price:  $399
    • Also Available:  Dyno Tuning Service


    Additional Accessories

    • TuneEdit Key for Keihin or Sagem ECU/Bike  |  KEYDS  |  $199