Kawasaki models with the Mitsubishi ECU (COMING SOON)

  • ZX10R (2011 to 2015)
  • ZX14R (2011 to 2015)







    Live mapping

    Once you have loaded a TuneBoy map into your ECU you can make changes to fuel and ignition while the motor is running, this allows a dyno operator to tune the motorcycle faster than they could if they had to stop and reflash the ECU before any changes are made.
    With a wide band O2 sensor in each exhaust pipe the TuneBoy Trim software on the PC will record the mixture from each cylinder and make corrections to bring the air fuel ratio to the point that provides best power and smooth running of your motor.
    The software can adjust the mixture on each cylinder at the same time, this requires four LC-2 wide band O2 kits to allow the software to see individual cylinder fuel mixtures.
    If you only have one LC-2 you can tune each cylinder individually, it just takes four times as long.



    Auto tuning

    The auto tuning feature allows you to tune the low throttle area using the standard narrow band O2 sensors that your motorcycle comes with.
    The auto tuning requires a connection to the PC running the TuneBoyTrim software, the TuneBoyTrim software will adjust the fuel trim tables to bring the air fuel ratio to the target 14.7/1.
    Once the trim tables have been auto tuned to the 14.7/1 target you can manually adjust the low throttle area to a target air fuel ratio that will provide a much smoother ride.
    Auto tuning is not a replacement for dyno tuning however it does provide a simple way to smooth out the rough running that most Ducati’s have at low throttle and low RPM.

    Map switching

    The TuneBoy map files allow you to load up to three different trim maps when you reflash the ECU. This allows you to load a power trim map and a fuel economy trim map at the same time.
    The existing riding modes on the motorcycle do not change fuel values, the riding modes simply select different electronic throttle tables to change the way the motor delivers power.
    Switching between the TuneBoy trim files is done by turning the ignition on, turning the throttle to the full throttle position and pulling the clutch in. The selected trim map is indicated on the rev counter. 5,000 indicates you have selected the first trim map, 7,500 indicates you have selected the second and 10,000 indicates the third trim map.
    Once you have selected the desired trim map you can start the motor. The map selected will continue to be used until you select a different one, even if you turn the motorcycle off and on.

    Strain gauge quick shifter

    The strain gauge quick shifter is available for the R1, R6, MT09/FZ09 and Gen II VMax, we will add support for more models if we get enough requests for that model.
    The TuneBoy strain gauge shifter is custom made to fit without any wiring modification, the quick shifter plugs into the TuneBoy device that you received with your purchase.
    The strain gauge Quick Shifter has no moving parts, it measures the amount of force applied to the shifter and outputs a voltage that the ECU can measure.
    The TuneBoy map file allows you to set the amount of pressure required before the quick shifter kills the power, this allows you to adjust the shifter for your riding style.
    The shift pressure is automatically increased at higher throttle openings to make sure you don’t have any missed shifts.
    The strain gauge quick shifter can be used in regular or race shift pattern, you simply select “Race Pattern” in the TuneBoy configuration options to tell the ECU you have a race pattern setup.
    TuneBoy QuickShifter fitted to Yamaha Gen II VMax


    Shift light

    The shift light feature allows you to fit a bright shift light to your motorcycle, this simply plugs into the second O2 sensor plug.


    Starter kits

    • Tune Kit:  TuneEdit Advance Denso Yamaha Kit – TUNING ONLY
    • Part Number:  WB01KITKAWMT
    • Description:  TuneBoy Advance Tuning kit. Supports TuneBoy quick-shifter with clutchless up shift (*Requires strain gauge quick shifter – sold separately). This kit provides the user with a TuneBoy WB-01 WiFi module for connecting between PC and the motorcycle. The software allows you to create custom mapping for your motorcycle or you can use it to load one of our trim files.
    • Price:  $TBA (Availiable soon)


    Additional Accessories

    • ZX10R Quick-Shifter (2011 – 2014) (Mitsubishi ECU Kawasaki)  |  QS401KZX10_2011  |  $TBA AUD(Availiable soon)
    • 12-18mm Stainless Bung Adapter  |  BUNGG1218  |  $55 AUD(Availiable soon)
    • Patch Cable – 4ft serial patch cable (4pin to 4pin) for LM-2, LC-2, and MTX series gauges.  |  3846  |  $18 AUD(Availiable soon)