TuneBoy V3.0

The TuneBoy product is made up of several programs. These programs work with the TuneBoy cable to allow you to:

  • Modify the fuel map via a fuel trim table
  • Modify the ignition map
  • Change the rev limit
  • Change the thermo fan settings
  • Modify air fuel targets used in the ECU
  • Change the idle speed
  • Change warm up fuel for cold starting
  • Diagnose faults
  • Run ECU test procedures
  • Modify fuel mapping using a DynoJet tuning link
  • Change when the ECU uses the O2 sensor for closed loop mode
  • Data log information
The TuneBoy Program

The TuneBoy program provides a diagnostic interface, with all the features of the official Triumph service tool (except for tune downloads - as this is handled by the TuneEdit program). TuneBoy software also provides diagnostic capability for Aprilia and Benelli motorcycles with the Sagem ECU.

The TuneEdit Program

The TuneEdit program allows you to create customised maps and load these into the ECU. TuneEdit also allows you to load the standard Triumph, Aprilia or Benelli maps into the ECU. After the map is loaded into the ECU you can easily make changes and test the results, or revert back to the standard settings. (Click MORE INFO below for more information on the TuneEdit program).

The TuneEdit program allows you to use PowerCommander maps downloaded from the internet without the need for PowerCommander hardware. TuneEdit also works with the DynoJet tuning link software to allow automated mapping on a DynoJet dyno in the same way they would map a PCIII.

See the Dyno results with TuneEdit remapping the bike on a dyno.

The DataLogger Program

The DataLogger program records the running information from your bike as you ride, which allows adjustments to be made without needing to run the bike on a dyno.

For more information on the TuneBoy program you can download the full documentation from the Download area on the Tutorials & Support page.

Check the Makes and Models to see if your bike is supported and to download the latest tunes.