Ducati models with the Siemens Continental ECU (Contitech)

  • Monster 659,696,795,796 and 1100 (2009 up)
  • Scrambler 800
  • Hypermotard 796 and 1100



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    Data Logging

    The TuneBoy logging software for the Contitech ECU records the information needed to adjust the fuel mapping on your motorcycle, the software records the RPM, Throttle Position, Engine temperature and up to two wide band Air Fuel ratio inputs, you can use any pf the following wideband controllers, Innovate LC-2, Innovate LM-2, Zeitronix ZT-3, ECOTrons ALM-Board, APSX-D1.
    The logging information is used by the map editing software.
    The following screen shot shows the logging software screen.

    The logging software will connect to the ECU using WiFi or the USB connection, when you press the Connect button you are asked for a log file name and logging will continue until you close the program.

    Map Editing

    The TuneEdit_Contitech program allows you to adjust fuel and ignition tables for the Contitech map files.
    Maps that you can adjust are the fuel tables for front and rear cylinders, ignition tables for front and rear. You can also adjust the rev limit, speedo and you can change the dash message that appears at startup.
    The following screen shot shows the TuneEdit_Contitech program.

    The fuel and ignition maps can be viewed as text as shown in the screen shot above or they can be viewed in a graphical view
    The screen shot below shows the fuel map in the graphical view.

    When you process the log files the TuneEdit program will build a table containing the average air fuel ratio for each of the map points you passed through during the logging session.
    The screen shot below shows the TuneEdit_Contitech screen with the data from a logging session.

    The values in the A/F tables are used to correct the fuel tables, these corrections are done by the TuneEdit_Contitech program when you select the Correct fuel map option.

    ECU Reflash

    The Flash_Contitech program handles the task of reprogramming the ECU (Engine Control Unit).
    Reflashing the ECU is as simple as starting the program, selecting the map file you want to load and clicking the Flash map into ECU button.
    The reflash of the Contitech ECU takes less than two minutes.

    Starter kits

    • Tune Kit: Siemens Contitech  TuneEdit Advance Kit
    • Part Number:  KITDUCS_USB
    • Description:  This kit provides the user with a WiFi module for ECU flashing, data-logging and the software to edit the map files. With this you can create your own custom map to suit most bike set-ups. The software will also record air fuel ratio info if you have a supported wideband kit, The following wideband kits are supported (Innovate LC-1,LC-2 or LM2 Wideband. ECOTrons ALM, Zeitronic ZT-3 of APSX-D1).
    • Price:  $439

    • Also Available:  Dyno Tuning Service


    Additional Accessories

    • Extra Tune Key
    • Part Number:  KEYM
    • Price:  $199 AUD (Approx $142 USD)