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This is the list of KTM tunes

This is a list of the tunes we currently have for the KTM's using the Keihin ECU.

New tunes may require the latest TuneEdit.exe, this can be downloaded here.


Tune Name Description
KM690EU0802001 RC8, standard pipes
KM690EU0802031 RC8, Aftermarket pipe
KM690EU0802051 RC8, Restricted power tune with standard pipes
  690 Duke
KM756EU0804001 690 Duke, standard pipes
KM756EU0804031 690 Duke, aftermarket pipes
KM756EU0804051 690 Duke, Restricted power tune with standard pipes
  690 Supermoto
KM750EU070F001 690 Supermoto, standard pipes
KM750US070F001 690 Supermoto, standard pipes
KM750EU070F030 690 Supermoto, standard pipes
KM750EU0804031 690 Supermoto, Akrapovic slip on pipes
  690 SMC and Enduro
KM765EU0804001 690 SMC and Enduro, standard pipes
KM765EU0804031 690 SMC and Enduro, aftermarket pipes
KM765EU0804051 690 SMC and Enduro, Restricted power tune with standard pipes 
 SuperDuke R
KM611EU0802001 990 SuperDuke R, standard pipes all markets
KM611EU0802031 990 SuperDuke R, aftermarket pipes all markets
  990 Supermotard
KM626EU0802001 990 Supermotard, standard pipes
KM626EU0802031 990 Supermotard, Akrapovic slip on pipes
KM626EU0802051 990 Supermotard, standard pipes (Restricted power map)
 2005/2006 SuperDuke
KM610EU050E001 990 SuperDuke, standard pipes
KM610AK050E002 990 SuperDuke, Akrapovic slip on pipes (Off road use only, Not using O2 sensor)
KM610AK0503D03 990 SuperDuke, Akrapovic slip on pipes
KM610AK050E002M 990 SuperDuke,Dyno tuned with standard pipes  (Off road use only, Not using O2 sensor)
KM610AE0503D01 990 SuperDuke, Evo full exhaust system (Off road use only, Not using O2 sensor)
 2007 SuperDuke
KM611EU0702S01 990 SuperDuke, standard pipes all markets
KM611US0704501 990 SuperDuke
KM611EU0704530 990 SuperDuke, Akrapovic pipes
KM611US0704530 990 SuperDuke, Akrapovic pipes 
KM611FR0704530 990 SuperDuke, standard pipes French power restricted
 990 Adventure
KM601EU0603D01 990 Adventure, standard pipes
KM601AK0603D01 990 Adventure, Akrapovic slip on pipes
KM601US0704501 990 Adventure, standard pipes