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This page allows you to download the latest version of the TuneBoy software. This is a free update so your existing keys will work with this version.

The documentation is included in the install program.

TuneBoy and TuneEdit full install version 3.9.9 Download (59mb)
TuneEdit only, version 3.9.9, This TuneEdit program supports the latest map format and extra tunes. Download (600kb)
TuneBoy USB Drivers with Windows Vista support Download (1.0mb)
Documentation for TuneEdit Download (802kb)
Documentation for TuneBoy Download (586kb)
Simple datalogger program including VB source code Download (384kb)


  • New skin based look to program.
  • Support for multiple ECU types (Sagem, Keihin Webber(15M), Subaru, Buell).
  • Faster connecting to the bike.
  • Support added for all the latest features found in the Triumph service tool.


  • Support for the 2006 01 tune release,
  • Support for Keihin ECU,
  • Support for Webber 15M ECU,
  • Smaller file size when tunes are saved with this release. Files saved in this release cannot be loaded in older releases of TuneEdit but all tunes can be read by V3.0.
  • Support for Benelli Tornado.
  • 3D Graph option now shows base map + trims when graph of trim map is shown
  • The graph is hidden when the table selected does not have valid data for a graph.
  • Tunes can be read from the ECU, this means you don't need to know what tune is loaded into the ECU.
  • Backup option now works for all Sagem ECU's.

What do I need to do?

Download the V3.0 Install and extract the files to your temp directory.

Make sure you copy any tunes you have to a backup location.  (We suggest this just in case the install replaces the files with newer copies.)

You should now uninstall the old version of TuneBoy.  This is very important because the install sometimes has trouble replacing some of the DLL's and this can cause problems with the TuneBoy program.

Now run the Setup Program and follow the steps to install the program.

That's it!  All registry settings should still be saved and the program should have not problem connecting to the bike.