Cruise Control & Live tuning

TuneBoy is proud to announce his latest product, specifically for the Ducati Panigale, Diavel and Multistrada 1200.


The TuneBoy maps have the following additional features-

Live Tuning

This allows adjustments to the fuel and ignition maps while the motor is running. This greatly speeds up the tuning process for dyno operators and allows a better result. If your dyno operator has a dyno that shows real-time horsepower the ignition maps can be adjusted to provide optimum power at all points in the rev and throttle ranges..

To see how the tuning program works please download the Demo program This contains the TuneBoyTrim program, a sample blank trim file and a log file from one of our dyno-tuning sessions.

Watch the following YouTube video on running this demo

Cruise Control

This provides full Electronic Cruise Control (not a throttle lock). When the Cruise Control is set the throttle is adjusted by the bikes ECU to maintain your set speed. This works just like the cruise control in modern cars; the cruise control is dis-engaged when the brakes are applied or the clutch pulled in.

The following graph shows the cruise control in action. The pink line is the cruise set speed, the blue is the actual wheel speed, and the yellow is the amount of throttle being applied. Cruise speed stays within 1-3 kph of the set speed even with large variations in engine load.


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We offer three kits

The basic package is for Cruise Control only. This kit includes the TuneBoy Advance WiFi box and software to load the cruise control program. This is for standard bikes, uses the O2 sensors and all standard mapping.

The next option provides the TuneBoy Advance WiFi box and software for Full Tuning and Cruise Control. This disables the O2 sensors and allows mapping for any exhaust or engine modifications.